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Ambrogio is the most versatile, colorful and environmentally conscious butler there is: an ideal service table in residential projects, shop windows, shops and in all settings that need help to serve. Ambrogio is a product with a familiar air, so much so that Francesco Favaretto was inspired by his father's mustache to create it. Ambrogio loves the environment: for the first time we used a new plastic blend in which EcoAllene is also present, which until now had never been used in the world of design. EcoAllene is 100% made of recycled material from Tetrapack cartons, thus giving a second life to plastic otherwise destined for landfills or incinerators. Ambrogio is the perfect combination between a comic design and a serious product, and it is also ethical: we have pushed ourselves to create a sustainable design for people and the environment that surrounds us, increasingly entering the virtuous path of the circular economy. .

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