Aromatic Sticks for Smoking Apple – NAPOLEON

Napoleon is part of the elite of professional barbecues for its cutting-edge manufacturing and unparalleled design. The metal finishes make these products the best in the barbecue world. Metal making has been Napoleon's core for decades as he was born in 1974 as a metal manufacturing company (known as Wolf Steel Ltd). Napoleon Barbecues are made in Canada. Napoleon offers countless gas barbecue solutions (and not only) from the most professional to entry level, from 3 burners up to 8, also allowing you to have real bbq parties in your own garden. By purchasing a Napoleon you will touch the quality of a brand that has decades of experience in the sector and that will make you want for nothing to offer your diners grills without comparison.

These small sticks also called "Chips" are fantastic for short-term smoking.
They can be distributed directly on the embers, in the case of a charcoal barbecue, or placed inside a special smoker, in gas barbecues.
Two handfuls of sticks allow you to smoke for about 15-20 minutes.
Before using it is recommended to immerse them in water for at least 20/25 .
When the food is cooking it is essential to always keep the lid closed so the smoke does not disperse and the result will be excellent.

Limited availability:
From showroom/warehouse.
Goods without packaging.


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