Monarch 340 Gas Barbecue - Broil King

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BROIL KING Monarch 340 gas barbecue 

Broil King is the North American brand that builds high performance and highly reliable barbecues, paying particular attention to the quality of materials and cooking capacity. It produces barbecues inspired by professional kitchens, with meticulous details and great versatility.
The Broil King Monarch 340 is equipped with 3 Dual Tube burners from 8.80 kw and a side burner from 2.70 kw.
The Dual Tube burner has been patented and designed to allow homogeneous heat distribution. The two flames in fact heat the burner evenly.
The side burner adds 2.70 kw to guarantee you great functionality and lots of space to prepare your dishes.
The two cooking grates are in heavy cast iron and allow a homogeneous diffusion of heat, also ensuring robustness thanks to their high thickness. The new protective treatment ensures durability over time.
L'power on it's electronic.

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