Holly Low Table - EMU

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Dimensions L / W / H: 55 x 48 x 50 cm

The Holly collection consists of an armchair, a relaxation chair, a footrest, a sun bed and a low table. The cot is stackable up to 8 pieces, with retractable wheels. A long “S” folded extrusion forms the support legs and armrests at the same time. The cloth rolls up and covers the side profiles of both the bed and the backrest. In addition to the possibility of adding the sun canopy by hooking it to the backrest, the sunbed is also equipped with a table with two flat sheet support surfaces, which complete its functionality. The aluminum structure gives the product very high resistance to atmospheric agents, humidity and saltiness. The Holly armchair and relaxation chair, both stackable, have an aluminum and stainless steel structure, while the seat and back are in EMU-Tex and designed to be easily replaceable. Armchair and relaxation can be completed by a comfortable footrest in aluminum and EMU-Tex.


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