FLAT® Equalizers Stabilize Wobbly Tables - Flat

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FLAT equalizers allow operators to stabilize their existing tables by simply pressing the table top.

Equalizers adjust up to 6mm (1/4 ") and lock into place to stabilize the table, creating a great dining experience. Equalizer users can also take advantage of FLAT's unique table top alignment capabilities. By tilting or lifting the tabletop in the direction of the adjacent tabletop, the feet adjust, helping to create an aligned surface.

Check the thread size of your tables using the size guide and choose the corresponding thread size below.

FLAT Equalizers (Restaurants Bars Cafes and Hotels) - Italian

FLAT Equalizers Demonstration 

Metric sizes: M6, M8, M10

FIRST DELIVERY: Size M8 - Delivery in 2 weeks

OTHER SIZE: To be confirmed


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